The Himalayan Woodhouse Satkol House

How nomadic would you go? For all the Architecture + House topics we cover, this holiday house - called Woodhouse Satkol - offers simply stunning views and the most authentic of ranch aesthetics with a contemporary twist and twirl. Designed by Matra Architects, this ranch can be found in the village of Satkol (India) and provides panoramic views of the Himalayas in a way that we all can only dream of. Simultaneously mesmerising yet stripped-back, how better to experience India's finest natural beauty than to stay in this gorgeous home. Some 2000 metres above sea level (quite high, yes), it's neighbourhood is sparse and private, and at such heights, any guests feel instantly perched up gazing out on what seems their land to own and power over; a modern-day Roman Empire, as it were.

With a design that entirely responds and orientates itself to the proximity of the snow-clad northern Himalayan panorama on the horizon, the Woodhouse Satkol home can also be signature characterised by its rear-side terraces and bold foundations. At one with the wider environment, the internal spaces are organised on three distinctive levels to allow its spectacular views of the neighbouring orchards and the town of Almora. Such an offering is achieved by the home's grand architectural gesture of continuous glazing all around the external 'floating' envelope, particularly at lounge level to compliment everyone's evening social agenda. Featuring exposed dry stonewalls and oiled 'thun' wood cladding - both acquired from the local region - this home certainly makes the best use of its site's constraints and opportunities.

Boasting triple storey ceilings (depending on which level you are found on), the Woodhouse Satkol house features a grandiose wooden mezzanine floor and the most skyline-piercing of double glazed skylights possible. Supported on truss frames without the support of any intermediate columns, the home's forward-facing panoramic view is undisturbed whilst a nicely-designed collage of square windows allow 'zen' views of the home's wider landscape about other compass directions. Discover more about the architect and project at:

Photography credit : Matra
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