Makita Coffee Maker : Batteries Not Included

Pause for a moment and think, coffee plus power tools. Okay, not SATORI & SCOUT's usual article coverage, but all our builder friends (male and female) have got to have their well-deserved rests and coffee breaks from time to time and the nearest coffee shop may not to too close by. Invented by the Japanese power tools manufacturer Makita - you might forgive them given that the company is Japanese and that design is kind of 'their thing' -, the brands new coffee maker has certainly turned a few heads. Running entirely on the same battery power as does a Makita power drill (which, ironically, is a very clever way about things), the company has announced that the coffee making device can utilise the power of their 18V BL1860 battery to brew about 640ml, equivalent to 5.3 cups. SATORI & SCOUT are no mathematicians, but that doesn't sound very much, but then again, it is renown that heating devices are extremely inefficient.

Having released its first cordless coffee maker a few years ago now and in part, sells its own coffee pods (not Nespresso) to cater, this coffee making device will ride of its capability to be charged by their ever-reliable drill's batteries. Despite being obviously aimed at construction workers, SATORI & SCOUT reckon that even you and I would be tempted in installing this quirky yet functional device in your own home, perhaps ideal at a barbeque? At a price of circa £100, the maker isn't that expensive either. Decisions. Discover more about the coffee maker online at:

Photography credit : Makita

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