Brooklyn's Columbian Coffee Treasure

Interested in installing an indoor garden? SATORI & SCOUT are often privy to experiencing first hand many indoor planting areas, yet many come up short in truly fitting-in authentically to the indoor space's environment. Introducing Devocion, a Columbian farm-to-table coffee roasters that can be found in Brooklyn, NYC (USA), this space really does work. Designed by LOT Office for Architecture, this indoor garden space takes you back to simpler times despite being found in the super busy district of Brooklyn. Casting you away from the hustle and bustle of the high street, this indoor garden area is both eye-catching and bold, yet gentle and harmonic.

With the general architecture of the cafe (and its functioning of serving coffee) somewhat paired back, it is the plinth-like garden space that takes centre stage. Almost jungle-like, Devocion lets you sit and consume your favourite Columbian beans whilst you almost feel like you were there at the coffee bean's birth, amidst the trees. A space complete with yellow-marigold coloured tiles, concrete and other earthy hues, the composition just really works, and is one that SATORI & SCOUT loves. Boasting a huge amount of natural light and the dynamism of the growing plants, this cafe is quite literally more than just an interactive space, but a living one too.

As Leo Trampoukis of LOT Architecture explains, "The concept creates a language of abstract ideas in reference to the brand origins, that can translate into a communal space...lush nature, improvised and informal - natural - seating moments: a connecting and gathering lounge spot, a coffee counter that functions as a main pole and a diverse materiality palette of warm, but raw elements." Discover more about the cafe and plan your next visit at:

Photography credit : Brooke Holm
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