Architecture + House

With architecture and house inspiration from the calmest and most nomadic of Scandinavian settings to the busiest and most urban of American cities, enjoy the aspirational lifestyle of SATORI & SCOUT.

London Observatory House With Impressive View 8.9

Observatory House With Impressive Views

“…With a glazed roof apex and two huge decked terraces with incredible, uninterrupted views of London in all directions, there are only a limited amount of adjectives that can truly describe the home experience…”

Zero Energy Spanish Villa 9.1

Zero Energy Home Of Minimalist Details

“…Titled Villa Slow, there is nothing slow-motion about this home as it progressively pioneers eco-friendly practices, becoming a really impressive home…”

The Zero Room Budapest Apartment 7

Open Plan Flat Of Aged Industrial Metal

“…Without anything over superfluous, the futuristic home features greenery and living plants to create a juxtaposition against the harsh industrial decor colours and materiality…”

Spanish Apartment Mixing Terracotta With Brick 8.9

Harmonious Home Of Terracotta And Brick

“…Interestingly, each tile has been added into the home upside-down to give further quirk to the visible textures. Offering an exposed ribbed texture…”

Chatsworth Road House Earthy Decor 8

Earthy House Of Modernity x Skylights

“…With all windows carefully positioned to capture a particular angled view, panorama or orientation towards the direct sunlight, you would be hard-done-by to have a favourite room or space…”

Tiny Apartment Of Full Optimisation 7.6

Super-Compact Taipei Apartment. Too Small?

“…A quality example of how even the smallest of spaces can be packed with all the functionality, space optimisation and comfort we all need…”

The Flying Nest Hotel Accomodation 7.9

Flying Nest Around The World

“…A brand new concept by the world-renown hotel group AccorHotels, suchlike is all now a reality with their new ‘Flying Nest’, a kind of nomadic accommodation…”

The Cover House In Japan 8.1

The Privacy Of A Chamferred Home

“…Located in Tokyo (Japan), the home is pretty much inward-looking with an exterior-facing living area…”

The Pure White Apartment 7.3

Minimalism Of The Menchuks Apartment

“…The Menchuks Apartment by Hrystia Koliasa is probably about the furthest limit that SATORI & SCOUT’s designers would ever contemplate…”