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SATORI (SA-TOR-EE); [of Japanese origin]: ‘the act of learning, understanding + awakening to ideas’. Magazine reel of design, brands + more

If you're a PR company on behalf of others, a brand, designer, architect / project manager or otherwise, we'll be glad to hear from you and consider your submission. We also welcome being added to your newsletters and working with you in terms of events or any other media relations. We also encourage the adding of our submissions email: inside[@] to any of your internal databases for future communications.

Please use the below contact form to submit content or stories to us and this will reach various members of our wider team. Within, please include links to high resolution images if you've a Dropbox / Google Drive / media folder on your website. If you've large file sizes that you wish to send seperately, please email inside[@] directly. For submissions, we have no particular criteria, however, the content should be interesting, new and noteworthy, and accompanied with good resolution imagery.

Terms: By submitting content to us, you permit the usage of all imagery to be used across and on our social media in its uneditted and unaltered form. For all published submissions, we shall credit approporiately where the content is published, to include links to your website as well as provide photography credit. If the photographer is not of your same company, please ensure you have the permission of the copyright holder for all material you submit, and if this is an external company or persons, please provide their information in your submission i.e theri website / Instagram handle.

Commercial enquiries: If you've an advertising enquiry or similar, please select Commercial Enquiry on the dropdown.