The Silent Supersonic Hair Dryer By Dyson

It has taken five years worth of development but the results have finally arrived, Dyson has released its silent supersonic hair dryer. Accustomed for so long for creating award winning fans and vacuums, Dyson has certainly become a market leader in innovative design; now entering the beauty market, to begin proceedings the hair dryer has already made waves.

Reported to have cost over £50 million to design, test and manufacture, Sir James Dyson and his team of 103 engineers made a grand total of 600 prototypes through out the 5 years and as a result have over 100 patents currently pending. At the heart of the hair dryer is a V9 electric motor, Dyson's smallest and lightest motor that they've ever manufactured, and offering 110,00 rotations per minute by 13 blades instead of the conventional 11, this all results in by-product sounds being beyond audible for humans. Such detail has come about as a result of collaborating with aero-acoustic engineers to fully eliminate any reciprocal noise. Of equal importance, the air temperature created by the dryer is measured 20 times every second, and the hair dryer has the ability to adapt and keep the temperature under control.

In true Dyson fashion, every detail has been engineered, and the hair dryer's attachments are both magnetic and with heat shield technology. Such features ensure any user won't get burnt or scolded when changing dryer attachments, and another heat-related feature of the hair dryer includes four buttons of precise temperatures. Likewise, the hair dryer features a concentrator to enable you to shape your hair one section at a time without worrying about disturbing the rest; a diffuser disperses air evenly around your curls, helping to reduce frizz and improve definition.

Offered with either a non-slip mat or limited edition leather case, is there conceivably a better hair dryer on the market? Available from £299.99, you can purchase in stores or online at

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