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When it comes to the aspirational lifestyle there can be little more satisfying than finding lifestyle options that 'just work', we mean really, 'they just actually work'. Whilst the foodstuff industry has seen legality force transparency regarding ingredients to be widely published, the beauty and skincare industry is still layered with ambiguity. Wanting to remedy this, and without drawing upon all the scientific health benefits behind natural beauty benefits in general - SATORI & SCOUT discover design, lifestyle and cultural topics, afterall - you can be certain that Clean Beauty Co get our nod in regards of their lifestyle 'recipes', and their awesome small pots of joy.

Offering beauty options that are 100% non-toxic and natural, Clean Beauty Co aim to make everyone empowered to take control of what they put on their skin, with recipes of their health products freely available online, or available to buy ready-made from their store. With such refreshing 'wide access to non-toxic beauty' beliefs, the London-based beauty brand boasts recipes of both 'skin food' and 'DIY beauty'.

Beginning with exploring the skin is perhaps best, and as Clean Beauty Co outline, "...great skin starts in the kitchen, as does great hair." Whilst your may already know that your skin naturally benefits from much of the nutritional goodness of your nuts, seeds, oils, fruit and veggies that you otherwise eat, did you know that its very easy to create your own vitamin-packed skincare in little time, and more importantly as quick as you'd perhaps make your own healthy lunch? Using primarily kitchen essentials, you can quickly make your own 'skin food' to apply to the face, and before you know it, your face (and mind) will be feeling even more great.

In addition to actual 'skin food', Clean Beauty Co have also made available the recipes for their own beauty health care products that are otherwise available to purchase ready-made from the brand's website. If you're after anything from moisturising to anti-ageing to face serum, you might want to reconsider your monthly skincare purchases from commercial high street stores, and make your own. Via their step-by-step guides, you really can feel empowered to be both making and benefiting from the full control of your own beauty products, particularly when using clean ingredients that you actually know.

SATORI & SCOUT find Clean Beauty Co's approach all very refreshing and the benefits are all there to be seen. As testers of their products, we already have a huge amount of confidence that each and every product match those we've happily applied to our faces over the last several weeks. With cleaner and fresher faces as we sit and share with your our experience of Clean Beauty Co, the aspirational lifestyle and a high sense of wellbeing is all so well entwined in beauty options, and what better could there be than to have greater self-confidence in ones appearance and personal achievement at the same time?

Without any pointless fillers or chemicals, all of Clean Beauty Co's recipes and ready-made bottles are natural and full of ultra-nourishing goodness; the brand knows that "...going clean means that we know what we're putting on our bodies". The latest product to be added to their range is 'Scrub Life', a creation that epitomises the brand's philosophy. With its users able to count its ingredients on one hand - coffee, coconut oil, jojoba and grapefruit - the scrub tightens the skin and "...gets to work on any pesky lumps," as Clean Beauty Co say. Along with such simple ingredients and easy solutions to skin problems, all of the brand's packaging is equally minimalist and the humble appearance is something SATORI & SCOUT really does appreciate.

Hoping to clean up the industry, Clean Beauty Co's absolute potent and undiluted solutions are certainly something to try, and also watch out for in the future. A final mention must also go to Clean Cult, London's first well-beauty event. As has been predicted, the natural and non-toxic beauty trend will begin to really popularise across Britain in the same way it has across Europe this summer, and Clean Cult's aim is to provide a place to find all these amazing up and coming British brands who all have mutual interests in clean health, wellbeing and beauty. With brands such as Evolve Organic, Amly Botanicals, Bodhi & Birch, Isla Apothecary and many more already cherry picked, a love for beauty no longer means you have to get dirty! The event is located at Old Spitalfields Market, London (UK) on 10th July - you can get your tickets here.

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