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Having recently scouted and featured the minimalist skincare by Alex Carro, SATORI & SCOUT were on the hunt for a grooming product range that could match Carro in product aesthetics and function. When science meets beauty, some of the worlds' leading brands get mentioned - Aesop would be a prime example - and SATORI & SCOUT reckon MOJO Hair* could be on it's way to stardom and into that list, if not already there.

Modern yet classic, Mojo Hair* is a brand that will certainly help you define your unique style and attitude, and is much aligned with SATORI & SCOUT's 'lifestyle developing' message. A new premium hair styling and hair care range that is aimed at men, the combination of their pro-salon styling capabilities and luxurious fragrance creates a charismatic and sophisticated appeal that is very distinctive for a brand that is essentially new to the beauty market. Exuding masculinity, the finer things in life bring out self-expression, and there can be no doubt that MOJO Hair* suits the lifestyle that we encourage. Of retro-cool aesthetic, the packaging is weighty and premium, and along with each of the bottle's contents, SATORI & SCOUT already love having these styling options alongside our other premium styling products.

The brand began after founder Paul Adrian worked for years in advertising and various male grooming industries, and after years of curation, experimentation and research, MOJO Hair* was founded based on the concept that no other styling company had " intangible style", as Adrian explains. An exiting brand, MOJO Hair* certainly means business with their bottles being non-plastic, much to the praise of many male fans across the world.

With refined formulas, MOJO Hair*'s luxury hair styling range includes hair Clay (hold factor 3/5), hair Fibre Shaper (hold factor 4/5) and hair Styling Cream (hold factor 2/5), whilst it's premium hair care selection includes hair Shampoo, Conditioner and Beard Oil. All of signature fragrance that is long lasting, woody and perhaps slightly oriental in nature, SATORI & SCOUT's entire team are already rocking a more luxurious look than yesterday.

Exploring the luxury hair products in detail, the 100ml hair clay is ideal for the natural 'undone' look, adding volume and texture by virtue of hair separation; the 100ml fibre shaper offers ultimate control of the shorter and more defined of hair styles, adding that 'Hollywood' shine via it's mega elastic fibre technology; and the 100ml hair styling cream is ideal for the longer and more smooth of hair styles, making coarse hair soft to enable flexibility in your styling.

Likewise, the 250ml hair shampoo helps you fashion a fully nourished hair style of professional result, invigorating your scalp to enable your hair aesthetic to be fresh and naturally healthy (SATORI & SCOUT particularly enjoy health benefit); the 250ml hair conditioner builds on the shampoo and offers a softening result that improves damaged or dry hair; and the 30ml luxury beard oil is absolutely perfect to counter the unkempt beard look, with Almond and Coconut Oil ensuring that your facial hair is left nourished all the while preventing the hair becoming dry, brittle and of high protein-loss.

SATORI & SCOUT have been particularly impressed with the hold factor's on the hair styling options, the wisely selected fragrance that is present in all the products and the retro-cool packaging that certainly places this product range among (and beyond) most other male grooming products. A cut above most drug store offerings, and among the 'good stuff' offerings of male stores and web-stores, MOJO Hair* isn't just for the bearded hipster. Recently making an appearance at a styling evening in collaboration with the Belstaff flagship store on Madison Avenue, New York (USA), MOJO Hair* are already expanding to the USA - bet guys there cannot wait!

On sale in the U.K, USA, South Africa, India and Israel, purchase yours at

Photography dredit : Mojo-Style

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