Scented Somerset House 2017 Exhibition

There should be no doubt in the aspirational qualities to fragrances and perfumes with some of the world's finest scents and smells captured in a bottle, and albeit that many of said smells are accessible at your local high street store, those of finer qualities find themselves most exclusively available. As exhibited this year at Somerset House, London (UK), a new exhibition has been set up to showcase the changing role of scent in the 21st century, and SATORI & SCOUT are already looking forward to 2018s.

With a focus on 10 contemporary (and known) smells, the exhibition told a story of how scent has developed over time, and a wonderful area of the hall showcased these smells via only visual, auditory and tactile prompts; no packaging or bottles. Inviting visitors to make notes on their experience of each showcased area, you were able to particularly learn about ingredients, perfume notes etc. Evoked via various scenes, for example, white sheets drying on a clothes line, this creative exhibition was simply great.

As Somerset House senior curator Claire Catterall explains, "...Perfume isn't just about being sexy and alluring anymore - now we not only want to smell different to everyone else but different to before. Perfume isn't about fashion anymore, it's not worn as an accessory. It's experienced more like a book, to make you cry or laugh, to transport you somewhere else." With well-trained and emerging perfumers on show, the exhibition was full of natural materials, organic natures and fantastic colours. Which is your favourite perfume, and is it time for an experimental change given that the world of perfume is ever-expanding? Discover more about the exhibition online at:

Photography credit : Somerset House
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