Minimalist Skincare By Alex Carro

When skincare meets minimalism, SATORI & SCOUT are probably thinking that you instantly think of adjectives such as pure, natural or enriching. There are some very popular brands around the world of skincare that have formed on the basis of simpleness without dumbing the industry down, whereby all their scientific research arrives at the purest of solutions. As featured earlier in 2016, Aesop are a brand of such kind and SATORI & SCOUT cannot recommend them any higher; Carro is another.

Pioneered by Barcelona-based skincare pioneer Alex Carro, the brand exhumes minimalism and 'less is more', aiming to strip back beauty to basics. With over a decade of experimenting with essential oils and plant extracts, Carro has achieved optimum results via selecting plants upon their texture and absorption levels, with the brand priding itself on using only the most premium of natural ingredients. Without any fillers or chemicals in sight - much like the work of our earlier featured Clean Beauty Co - every skincare product by Carro is uncomplicated.

Comprised of just five unisex products, Carro favours quality over quantity. All of distinct scents, Carro's formulas are versatile, multi-usable and 'fantastic to apply'. With hydrating balancing face oil, a facial cleanser of jojoba oil, bitter orange and petitgrain, a bamboo extract based exfoliating powder, a face cream of crocus bulb extract and a velvety multi-use balm, all of the five products are designed to 'just work'. Are you one to tailor make your cosmetic ritual? If so, SATORI & SCOUT reckon you'll find Carro's products ideal for mixing to your daily needs and ritual requirements.

Equal to their skin goodness, the glossy black jars that the skincare arrives in are just really fantastic, and the overall brand aesthetic does the contents justice. Of high masculinity and femininity with a balance struck between both, Carro is almost the epitome of simple beauty.

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