Data-Driven (OClean) Toothbrushing

Toothbrush technology, what a dry subject; or rather, what a wet (tooth)pastey subject. However, the technology being launched by OClean is one to behold and is certainly merit-worthy of a fleeting mention. Customisable and smart, the OClean One toothbrush is introducing a novel approach to tooth cleaning beyond ideas that are launched via the monopolisation that Colgate, Oral-B et al. commands. A new health experience, the OClean One's toothbrush's cleaning modes, intensities and duration are each controllable via a smartphone app, and within such a smart device are the following technologies: custom-made kotl sonic vibrator, pedex and DuPont brush bristles, dialog bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, water-resistant loudspeaker, and a battery that supplies two months of battery life and can recharge that amount in under 3.5 hours. Each more than impressive, the technology design is simple and elegant, high quality and smart.

Chinese developed, it's internal gyroscope can detect motion, angle and pressure, and via the use of intelligent analysis algorithms, can also help collect and translate data into information such as cleaning reports to offer you cleaning feedback. Very intelligent, and surprisingly common sensical. SATORI & SCOUT humorously questions, is there anything in this world that isn't data-driven? Discover more about the technology brand online at:

Photography credit : OClean

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