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Cleaning rituals and cosmetic opinions is a topic that SATORI & SCOUT often avoids, preferring to leave these topics in the hands of other journals and advisories; Reverie is a brand that we so love, however. Are you part of the ongoing trend of washing one's hair without any shampoo? Perhaps so - or if not, give it a try, its natural(!) - but Reverie's latest collection is a very happy medium.

Founded by hair stylist Garrett Markenson, the Californian based (USA) hairstyle brand offers various chemistry ideas that you ought to explore. With the designs of the packaging put to one side for the moment, in which their black and white designs are simply delightful, Reverie's botanical ingredients are ideally and delicately blended with a careful selection of chemicals. As offered by their 'Nude' shampoo and conditioner, Reverie hydrates and nourishes your hair with zinc, sweet almond oil, acai oil and alpha amino acids, while promoting hair restoration. Reverie's 'Cake' growth serum restores hair and the scalp with apple stem cells and hydrolised protein from the sweet white lupine plant, each with regenerative qualities. 'Milk', too, is a nourishing leave-in treatment, being lightweight and moisturising to protect your hair while taming frizz. 'Rake', the brand's newest member is a styling balm that's infused with mango nut butter, pomegranate oil and meadowfoam oil that imparts structure to hair. Everything all sounds so naturally lovely.

Each blended with essential oils and exclude lauryl sulphate, glycols, petrochemicals, animal derivatives, synthetic colors, silicones and parabens, Reverie's small batch manufacture echo's the brand's minimalistic / perfection ideals.

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