Nuca Pastel Beauty Products Launch

Often do two brands come together to create a co-energised effort toward something, and often too are the results fantastic, but Sovo and Eggplant Factory have joined forces in a most surprising and unexpected way. Sovo, an artisan shoe maker from Korea and brand consultants Eggplant Factory have combined efforts to create Nuca, a brand new cosmetics range.

A play on words with the Spanish word for a woman's sensuality, Nuca's range of hydrating masks and makeup are wonderfully packaged, and equally healthy. With the typical as-standard range of moisturisers, cream, anti-ageing methods and extracts from all sorts of nature, Nuca is by no means unique, but certainly, and hopefully, a brand to consider as you peruse you next makeup and beauty ideas. With all goodness's packed inside either contemporary-sized pots or wonderfully futuristic pouches, the modern edge to the brand is one that, SATORI & SCOUT are told, encourages women to express their own beauty without the pressures of society and norms. Becoming popular across the Asian outfit country, time will tell if Nuca will break the US and European markets.

In the studio SATORI & SCOUT reckon their branding colours of pastel pink and blue might even have strong indications to being inspired by 2016's Pantone Colour of the Year. Do they know that 2017's colour of the year is 'Greenery'? Time will tell next season.

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Photography credit : Nuca

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