Brandless Without The BrandTax

The term 'does what it says on the tin' could not be more apt than Brandless, except, there are no tins. One big mission with one little $3 price (each), such a retail store has been conceived out of the idea 'who says better needs to cost more?' Based in USA, Brandless are a group of thinkers, eaters, doers, and lovers of life with big dreams about changing the world (it's all very American), and the company's mission is entirely rooted to transparency and quality as one embodiment. Simple why does everything need to be branded these days?

With their own interpretation on brand premiums, the online store stipulates a 'BrandTax' is applied to increase any national brand's products by 40%, just for the logo placement. As they say, "We've been trained to believe these costs increase quality, but they rarely do. We estimate the average person pays at least 40% more for products of comparable quality as ours. And sometimes up to 370% more for beauty products like face cream. We're here to eliminate BrandTax once and for all."

With their prices benchmarked to five major retailers, Brandless focusses on everyday essentials. SATORI & SCOUT cannot help but think it's all very ironic and catch-22 that one day 'Brandless' may become as much a brand as any other brandname, but we'll see. On offer are soap, gluten free pancake mix, quinoa puffs, tea, knives et al. (basically, a variety of goods). Backed by $50million of funding, are they the way of the future? Discover more online at:

Photography credit : Brandless
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