OSHUNwhite Oil Pulling For Naturally Whiter Teeth

Having whiter teeth and fresh breath is perhaps on most people's agenda whether it be for personal hygiene reasons, aesthetic qualities or aspirational desires. Despite such care that you might put into eating healthily and cleanly, or perhaps cleaning your teeth very regularly, often you may be culprit to stains or other aesthetic issues that just won't go. Highly annoying given your probable active attempt at removing suchlike, OSHUNwhite is a new company that offers a commercial version of a concept that works entirely naturally. Not everyone is keen on using bleach, lasers or spending a fortune, and often rightly so, and so this Knightsbridge (London) based oral hygienist has taken oil-pulling to the next level. For a whiter smile and a feeling of being clean and fresh throughout the day or night, discover below how much the oils can benefit you.

Passionate about natural health and beauty, and with a personal brand ethos of wanting to 'help you to feel great about yourself without resorting to chemical treatments', OSHUNwhite is seeing a continuation of its strong growth virtue of its revolutionary tactic. Oil pulling is an ancient practice that since such times has been scientifically proven to deliver a natural oral detox and an overall whiter smile. Using only the finest sourced coconut oil, and delicious extracts of spearmint, peppermint, crushed lime or wild cherry, OSHUNwhite's oil pulling solution is both a healthy and tasty addition to your daily routine.

Chemical treatments as a whole are often seen as options that many of us don't want to try. Not delving into all the various methods across the board that you may have considered, oil pulling works really quite differently. Of Indian origin for thousands of years, oil pulling is known for its whiteness results. The method of OSHUNwhite's oil pulling consists of swishing a small amount of oil around your mouth for 5 to 15 minutes each day. With a two week supply in each deliverable box, the recommendation by the oral hygienists is to use one per day, ideally in routine (though whenever you want to freshen up is also acceptable). Oil pulling works to reduce the levels of harmful bacteria in the mouth with all the nastiness hopefully 'pulled out' by the oil that you distribute across and through your teeth. A powerful and natural oral detox, oil pulling should result in a reduced amount of plaque, long-lasting fresh breath and a more beautiful white smile. In ancient tradition, unflavoured coconut or sesame oil would be used, however OSHUNwhite's version offers you with the same great results but with much tastier (and healthier) flavours. With the use of state of the art technology, OSHUNwhite have blended four proven natural extract flavours with the finest virgin coconut oil (only the best of oils suffice for the brand, of course) and have made the mixtures available in their convenient 10ml tear-off sachets. Non-abrasive to your teeth and with no side effects, SATORI & SCOUT suggest you consider OSHUNwhite for your next smile-improving remedy.

Of equal importance, it is also recommended that tongue cleaning is an act of routine everyday. OSHUNwhite's copper tongue cleaner is a somewhat odd-looking piece of kit, but works to tackle all the bacteria found on your tongue. It is reported that 80% of bad breath is caused by bacteria on the usually overlooked aspect of oral hygiene, and when cleaned alongside brushing, flossing and oil pulling, this whole oral routine will leave you feeling your absolute freshest. To use the cleaner it is recommended that you scrape your tongue in the morning (right after when you wake up or brush your teeth), and with your tongue relaxed you reach to its back and scrape forwards from back to front, repeating up to 10 times. Making sure you rinse your cleaner between each repetition, this method works by removing all accumulated digestive ama (toxins), and can even help bring up excess mucus from the throat.

You already know you want to join the oral hygiene smile revolution. Both oil pulling satchets and tongue cleaner are available to buy online at OSHUNwhite.com.

Photography credit : OSHUNwhite.com

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