Paul Schutze Launches Architectural Perfume

Let's say 'architecture greats' and you say 'fragrance'. Of course, we all see the synergy, right? Paul Schutze is now a small-batch perfumer who we bet many of you wouldn't have heard of it, but that's just it, you will have probably heard his musical work. Once described as 'perfumed sound', Schutze's work as an artist and composer saw him focus on the sensory and the sensual for decades. Composing often 'hallucinatory, dream-like and rich in exotic details' compositions, Schutze flirted with the idea of film and photography as well as creating a perfume named 'In Libro De Tenebris'; this perfume was impregnated into the body of a large black book at the centre of an exhibition of prints, and capturing the imagination of everyone who smelt the allure, initiated the emergence of the Paul Schutze perfumery range.

Approached intuitively and without compromise, Schutze now offers five perfumes and his latest two have been inspired by architecture. Named 'Villa M' and 'Cuadra', both have been inspired by such fantastic buildings, and yes you may have guessed it, said buildings are of course Casa Malaparte in Capri (Italy) and Cuadra San Cristoba in Mexico City (Mexico). The former a fantastic modernist design within architectural history and the latter a pink-heaven masterpiece, these scents include notes of Mediterranean mimosa and seaweed, coffee and tobacco respectively. SATORI & SCOUT are very much enjoying the choices of inspiration and final creations. Discover more and shop online at:

Photography credit : Paul Schutze
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