Shaquda Beauty Brushes Of Pureness

Though SATORI & SCOUT is based in Great Britain, we often get excited upon scouting Japanese brands. The word SATORI, phonetically spoken as SA-TOR-EE is the act of learning, understanding and awakening to ideas and yourself, and of Japanese origin, we cannot recommend the country and it's flair any higher. Almost unparalleled across the world, Japan certainly knows how to innovate, create great brands and offer fantastic lifestyle ideas, and brush brand Shaquda is no different.

Describing themselves as "...a fusion of Kumani traditional techniques and modern sensibility...", Shaquda explains that they continually aspire to create aesthetically rich products that both soothe the skin and enrich the mind simultaneously. Using a variety of feel good materials, the multi-award-winning brand focuses on both elegant design and brush functionality, and their superb collections are certainly worth adopting into your morning and night routine to add a new spiritual and cleansing dimension to your daily lifestyle.

Based in Kumano (Japan), the town is famously known for its 180-year tradition in brush making and such origins stand the brand well with it's superior crafting techniques. Simple in style, high in craftsmanship and superb in function, every Shaquda collection is designed to be "...simple, gracious and detailed with a sophisticated expressive design...", Shaquda explains. Comprising of two core product ranges, the 'Ubu' collection offers makeup brushes and the 'Suve' offers various skincare brushes. Within the 'Suve', body brushes, trays, stands and trays are all available. All of pure and minimalist form, 'Ubu' brushes are environmentally friendly whilst 'Suve' are organically made from badger hair, goat hair and walnut. Of well defined design, SATORI & SCOUT absolutely love Shaquda and cannot wait to continue using their brushes in our daily routine.

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Photography credit : Shaquda

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