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Do you actually enjoy shaving your hair, or do you always look forward to the weekend when you can wear a more relaxed look? SATORI & SCOUT are confident that many males have tried many of the better known razor brands, looking for that comfortable but close shave, yet are left thinking that they're surprised by their eventual results as it perhaps leaves clumps of stubble randomly(?); Cornerstone might be worth a try. We did and have been converted.

Offering one of the closest shaves that the SATORI & SCOUT male cohort have ever had, the results of Cornerstone shaves from our testing (and ongoing usage) are of very smooth skin after numerous very enjoyable experiences. With various therapeutic scrubs, effortlessly gliding razors, a super comfortable handle and a complementary Cornerstone service to match, SATORI & SCOUT highly suggest you read on if your in need of a male daily routine update.

An online service as much as a razor manufacturing brand, Cornerstone are a subscription-only website that delivers all your great shave supplies to your front door on a fixed, customised routine. With the ability to customise your subscription to match your personal shaving routine, the super easy and free delivery of the shaving box comes with an equally easy ability to pause your schedule should you need to, or perhaps change your shaving routine supplies. Without any commitment and some fantastic reviews prior to this one, SATORI & SCOUT suggest you give the flexible service of Cornerstone a try.

Within the roster of Cornerstone accessories that you can receive as part of the service are a pre-shave face scrub, shave gel, shave cream, post-shave balm, leather wash bag and of course, a sculpted Cornerstone razor handle and disposable razors.

The pre-shave scrub aims to prevent nicks, cuts and shaving bumps. Developed by British dermatologists and blended in the UK, the pre-shave scrub features a blend of cedarwood and volcanic sand of exfoliating capability to help "...release ingrown hairs, reduce shaving spots, unblock pores and lift dead skin cells for smoother, clearer skin...", as Cornerstone explains, and it really can be recommended that this cream is applied to really notice a better shave. Removing any grit that may contribute to the clogging of blades, the pre-shave scrub is certainly worth using.

The shave gel has been specifically formulated to protect against that infamous razor burn that males all over Britain can probably all relate to. Complete with eucalyptus oil and ginger extract, the shave gel aims to provide a comfortable, irritation-free shave. SATORI & SCOUT particularly enjoy this gel's scent, where it's low lathering nature is also highly welcome.

The shave cream, as you might expect, meets expectation once more. The foaming cream is a combination of willow bark and bamboo and provides a rich foaming lather to both condition and protect your skin whilst you shave. With a reduction in shaving irritation, the usage of natural willow bark is quite innovative, and even adds another scent to the shaving experience.

Post shaving, the post-shave balm refreshes your pores and moisturises your skin, all in all helping to restore your face's natural moisture levels. Complete with mint and honey extracts, as Cornerstone state, "...if you're not used to a post-shave balm, we're pretty sure that once you've given it a try, you won't regret it." SATORI & SCOUT agrees. Without featuring any alcohol or other irritable ingredients, combining all four creams and gels is certainly recommended.

For the razors themselves, SATORI & SCOUT particularly enjoys their engineered nature. Super sharp and fine, the Cornerstone razor blades are specifically angled to reduce sensitive skin irritation. Paired with an aloe Vera moisturising strip that runs parallel to the blades and mounted on a flexible head, the razor is (re)attachable to the razor's handle. With an aluminium handle that offers it's own sculpted experience of hand grooves for your hand to grasp in a balanced and controllable manner, all in all you should experience a low irritation shave. The mix of modern ergonomics and high-engineered blades is bettered only by the free engraving service of your blade's handle should you be a first time customer. Receiving 6 razors with every order, you will only but wonder why on earth other brands that are available world over are so expensive.

With delivery convenience arguably Cornerstone's backbone advantage, their products really do match the subscription-only service. As such, Cornerstone recently won the Best Razor award in the Shortlist Grooming Awards, and have received numerous reviews that are viewable online from over 800 customers, as well as glowing reports from GQ, Esquire and The Telegraph. Discover some of the Press reviews about Cornerstone here.

All blades are manufactured in Frankfurt (Germany) whereby the partnered company have "...been perfecting their craft since the 1920s, when they started out making products for nearby barbershops," as Cornerstone boasts. Worth a try? Certainly.

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