With Respect To Manual Craftsmanship

Hardgraft is a company that SATORI & SCOUT have respected for a long time, and their balance between minimal and sophisticated is really refreshing. Suggesting that "the most difficult part is to simplify to get to the heart of the design, creating pieces with a compelling blend of personality and purity", SATORI & SCOUT cannot help but commend their efforts. Via the sourcing of quality materials that are then assembled by select artisans, Hardgraft's sense of craft and use of traditional techniques lend all their accessory pieces a soft, human touch. Obsessed by every detail, Hardgraft dedicates a lot of time to sourcing each rivet, ribbon, material and leather hide that is ever used. In deep respect for manual craftsmanship from days gone by, Hardcraft find a lot of inspiration in the past, inspired by Scandinavian furniture's impeccable detail and effort. With a company slogan 'Hold On To The Good', the details really do matter.   

Towards the aspirational lifestyle that SATORI & SCOUT always promotes, we entirely appreciate their efforts and designs. Impressed by the artisan leather maker's strong focus on Italian veg tan leather and it's combination with wool, Hardgraft's colours range from browns to greys and whites to blacks. As Hardgraft explain, the artisan is a juxtaposition of two opposites: a combination of textures, and a tension between staying balanced and pure. Versatile without being bland, SATORI & SCOUT think such designs are ideal for any man's business (or casual) refined style, and indeed could easily be a part of a women's essential accessories. Fresh and refined, almost instant classics in our eyes.

Discover more about the brand online at: Hardgraft.com

Photography Credit : Hardgraft)

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