Roam Sets Off With Customisable Luggage

Never have SATORI & SCOUT thought luggage to be so exciting. Introducing the new luggage brand on the block, ROAM; founded by two former Tumi founders. Boasting over 100 years of combined experience across their founder's team, it is safe to say that no brand is better positioned than ROAM to launch into their industry with full confidence from the start.

As the ROAM founders explain, "...with an eye towards the future, we looked around and saw that a sea of matching luggage didn't feel that exciting anymore. We found ourselves wanting to express our individuality in everything we do: what we wear, where we work, how we travel. And that includes our luggage." Giving you the ability to fully customise your own luggage - yes, our team have tried their online customisable area, and yes, we did try to make the most beautiful (and horrific) of colourful designs possible - you are sure to have some fun rather than buying just any-old boring luggage.

Made-to-order to suit your life and personality, another obvious advantage of such a unique service is to aid you in never losing your luggage again. How many times have you stood at an airport's carousel belt only to see a suitcase similar to yours (or at least you think) go round five times? Made from polycarbonate to give your possessions the utmost protection, you have the ability to customise literally everything from a prescribed list of colourways. From outer shell to zippers, handlebars to monogram patches, everything can be designed and made just how you want it, fresh out of California (USA). Clearly a market for this level of customisation on such a product-type, SATORI & SCOUT cannot help but think that this idea is actually really quite profound.

We'll take a suitcase in black, grey and black, with added grey, thank you. Discover more about the brand and purchase yours online at:

Photography credit : ROAM
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