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What can you do to prevent losing those all-important valuable things which instil immediate thoughts that the world is over upon their misplacement? Until the moment in time when you realise some perspective, the loss of any valuable item, whether monetarily or otherwise, is undoubtedly annoying and it sadly happens to most of us. What did we do wrong, eh?!

Invented by entrepreneur Lapo Ceccherelli, this small 6mm wide tracking device named Filo hopes to be the solution to all our woes. Whether it is a smartphone, a set of keys, a particular bag or camera (the list can go on), the all-new Filo Tracker Tag can help you locate the items via a click of a single button on an accompanying smartphone app. When within 80m of the target item (the maximum Bluetooth range), the app will signal it's locality. Offering two other functions, the Filo tracker device can also be pressed twice to initiate a call to your smartphone even if it's on silent mode - don't you just hate it when you lose your phone(!) - and you can also check the last known position of the tracking device if the item is beyond the 80m radius distance.

Of course all useful applications, another of the device's main attractions is it's 'Bluetooth Low Energy' technology that provides regular Bluetooth at a much smaller energy consumption than regular Bluetooth to ensure that the device's battery can last up to a whole year. Developed in collaboration with Helsinki-based Italian design studio Pizzolorusso, the designer describes, "I tried to keep the design as clean and bold as possible. It's a relatively simple object and so the details are even more important."

With replaceable batteries and a European design that isn't manufactured on the cheap, Filo's designers' intent was very much not to make a device that is disposable over time - we live in a time of quality over quantity(!) - and as technology such as Internet of Things evolves, the device's ability to track will only improve. Smaller than any tracker gone before, it is hoped that one day technology will supersede Bluetooth and that devices such as these can have much greater distances to boast. Discover more and purchase yours online at:

Photography credit : Filo

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