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Geometry and minimalism tread a fine line between one another, whereby the prettiest of patterns can sometimes be so minimal that the design loses its hard edges and becomes 'as one'; and likewise some minimalist colourways can often be composed as such as to be more creative than just a simple palette. ZigZagZurich, like their name suggests, is a fun lifestyle brand that is focused on modern textiles and their designs are really quite awesome. Based in Switzerland, SATORI & SCOUT are really drawn to their support of local artists.

As high quality fabric goods that are locally manufactured and designed rather than be 'just textiles', each piece is a fresh way to discover and enjoy art, all without a large price tag. Offering bedding, linen, curtains, wall coverings, cushions, throws and blankets, the brand's innovative design approach to textiles and their support of artists and designers is really quite refreshing. Empowering the design community, and with backgrounds in technology and design, the shared vision of the brands' owners is to add a fresh dimension to home textiles, embracing social and ecological aspects at the same time.

Collaborations with artists from a broad spectrum of backgrounds that includes fine art, digital, illustration, avant-garde and more, the vast amount of creative inspiration brings lots of fresh ideas into the ready-made home fabric industry. As ZigZagZurich explain, "...there is a strong sense of the artists work in each design, whilst still retaining a connection with the skills of traditional textile design." SATORI & SCOUT love this.

Aiming to fill what is missing from today's accessories and textiles market, the design-led brand loves blending colours, patterns and designs. As demand grows for fresh talent to create textiles from the finest of luxury materials, ZigZagZurich should certainly be considered when you make your next homely upgrade. Of unconventional design and innovative production techniques, all products are just like a piece of art.

Where artists meet textiles, discover more online at ZigZagZurich.com.

Photography credit : ZigZagZurich.com

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