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Personal accessories are something which are certainly in their abundance these days by many brands, and you'd be forgiven for wondering who was best from the rest. The SATORI & SCOUT team have often had the same thought process, but luckily Mujjo have all the answers and come highly recommended by all of us in our studio who use their accessories daily.

Mujjo believe in creating great products and creating great products is exactly what they do. Always beginning with a simple idea and then sitting around the design table to invent something for an exact personal need is their general process. In fact, all the world's best inventions always satisfy a need, and typically, any design that is fundamentally superfluous ultimately becomes superfluous. Not for Mujjo. Crafted with intention, Mujjo are known to be obsessive about keeping things simple, always striving to make every component of any design as simple as possible, be it a stitch, a pocket, a button, everything has a reason for its inclusion; SATORI & SCOUT applauds good design. Given a grand introduction as being a brand that raises the bar in personal accessories, it is only in Mujjo's natural DNA to produce something good. Very good.

Looking closer at their accessories, Mujjo are specifically known for phone cases, laptop cases and touchscreen gloves. With members of our team using a Mujjo phone case and laptop sleeve every day, we can certainly confirm their quality is as good as their aesthetic. Firstly, their iPhone full leather wallet cases, such accessories are available in an abundance of colours, some as simple naked case protectors and others with additional sleeves and pockets. Absolutely ideal for when you're commuting and shopping - which we all do daily - these cases can store up to 3 of your essential cards, and if you are someone who uses a contactless bank card, simply tap your phone on any reader to make easy payments even easier. Conquering the need for you to ever reach into your wallet and search for that card again, you might even ask yourself (in today's cashless society), do you even need a wallet at all?

Of course with phone protection addressed, their full-grain leather materiality and their designs having edges that are ever so slightly raised so that the screen doesn't needn't ever touch a surface when you put it down, such subtle aspects make these phone cases superior to most. Design subtlety should never be overlooked, and equally so, no Mujjo design ever detracts from the beauty of the iPhone itself. In perfect complement, it is the olive and black colourways which the SATORI & SCOUT team particularly enjoy.

Next their leather sleeves, such a product range is that which SATORI & SCOUT's team particularly appreciate given the abundance of similar products on the market all lesser quality, poorer designed, worse colour-matched. Tasteful and different, if you're someone who travels a lot, perhaps always going to meetings, lectures, bars and airports, these are perfect for you. Again complete with all sorts of pockets, sleeves and subtle inclusions, what better a personal accessory companion than a minimal sleeve to protect your stuff as well as carry a few extra bits like a hard drive or a notepad at the same time. Entirely sleek and stylish, Mujjo's design team have done very well at creating an accessory that fulfils all the needs of the modern man (or woman).

Again available in premium full-grain vegetable-tanned leather (as well as various inclusions of felt material), you can be sure that your MacBook (or other laptop) will always be safe and protected from knocks along the way, gaining character in the material's surface as every day goes by. Water-repellent and anti-pilling, some of the sleeves are complete with zippers and others open-topped, and irrespective of which you prefer, you are sure to purchase a life-long accessory. With the SATORI & SCOUT team using a Mujjo laptop sleeve in every meeting we ever go to these days, our sophisticated appearance to others is matched by our own personal love for carrying such a well-designed, cosy accessory.

Do you think we recommend Mujjo? Absolutely. Not even that expensive either... Discover more about the brand online at:

Photography credit : Mujjo

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