Custom Knits By Adidas Popup

Fashion and technology are mixing really well at the minute and brands such as Adidas are certainly pushing both forward. On the retail front there are ongoing trends of stores closing down or evolving online, but equally many merits of remaining on the High Street exist, a movement that SATORI & SCOUT fully approves of. The Great British High Street is great, as are all the other high streets in any country.

Whilst many brands are focusing on it's online presence, Adidas' latest store is one that is certainly turning heads. Offering a highly personalised shopping experience that depends entirely on the customer's actual presence in the bricks and mortar store rather than having any engagement with the brand online, Adidas' pop-up shop in Berlin (Germany) is the brand's first 'perfect tailoring service'. With body scans undertaken and pattern creation engaged, the Knit For You concept is putting the buyer in control of it's clothing, it's designs and potentially, it's future. Enabling you to create garments of your needs, SATORI & SCOUT can't help but think this is perhaps one big experiment for Adidas to try and spot the next trend based on customer's personal (and hidden) clothing desires.

Though the stores' appearance is perhaps cold and industrial, the aesthetic of the furnishings give the feel of workshop more than retail store. With cones of merino wool, high-tech knitting machines and all of it's wonderful off-cuts on show to all admire, the sense of experience and engagement is high. With unique garments on the agenda, you won't find any of their latest tight leggings, but what you will find is a dark room experience of you subjecting patterns onto your clothing to create motifs within a fluid design process. Upon approval of your design, your clothing item will be hand-finished in store. Discover more about the pop-up shop's location at:

Photography credit : Adidas

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