The Innovative Modi-Bag Of Multiple Uses

SATORI & SCOUT are sure you've all heard of adaptive or modular design, whereby the sum of the parts is greater than the parts themselves, offering either the designer or the user multiple configurations to adapt and suit to their specific needs. For the highly aspirational lifestyle, what more would you want than a single bag design that can become either a package, shoulder, messenger or tote bag, or box as you see fit to your travelling needs?

Okay, maybe many of you (and SATORI & SCOUT are perhaps more of the female gender specifically here) that love bags would love to own countless bags, but the Modi-Bag that has been launched by Korean designer Lim Sungmook is certainly very exciting. Able to be transformed into many different shapes and forms, the design has been influenced by the modularity of Lego and how people's taste very much determines the design to be had. Sungmook explains that the project began as a "...platform which encompasses infinite potential as well as bigger value...", and with the key word of Sungmook's comments being 'platform', you really can design your own bag!

Manufactured of a wooden canvas that is covered in quality leather, the bag can be fixed in it's many configurations by the weaving of rope at certain locations. A compound word for 'modify' and 'bag', a Modi-Bag is surely to one day be a commonplace fashion idea?

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