EMPWR Jacket For Homeless Employment

Work in the community is rife, particularly at this time of year, yet still many street issues exist. Concerning homelessness, what has been named The Empowerment Plan, this Detroit based (USA) organisation is aiming to elevate families and individuals beyond the often generational-cycle issue, and is one that SATORI & SCOUT fully applaud.

Employing single parents found in local shelters, providing them with training as seamstresses to provide a stable income to ultimately move on and regain their independence, such an organisation produces a homeless jacket to meet the needs of those who remain homeless. Titled "EMPWR coat", this innovative design has the ability to transform into a sleeping bag at night or an over-the-shoulder bag when not in use. Successful thus far, the organisation has provided employment to 34 homeless individuals and distributed over 15,000 coats to those in need across North America.

Beginning as a Detroit college project that was community driven, CEO Veronika Scott spent much of the project's duration near a warming center, and it was such location that gave her inspiration behind the coat. Despite the project's focus on manufacturing coats for the homeless, it was Scott's comeuppance of being confronted by a homeless woman that led to the idea of also employing such people simultaneously.

Supported by donations from private individuals, large corporations and foundations, The Empowerment Plan also relies on local organisations such as the Coalition on Temporary Shelter and also GED for financial literacy classes and professional development seminars.

Discover more about the organisation at: EmpowermentPlan.org.

Photography credit : EmpowermentPlan.org

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