Release Your Inner-Dork (Too) With Nixon

Lovers of all watches, modern and contemporary, classic and futuristic, SATORI & SCOUT have this week reflected back to the Breda x Poketo watch collaboration. With Breda's fine portfolio of watches all nicely made and priced, each uncluttered and simple, and entirely colour-tuned, SATORI & SCOUT have had a hard time choosing our favourite. Upping the notch on the futurism scales, the new Nixon release is certainly as novel as Breda is colourful, with the 'Dork Too' - we know, right, what a name! - rechargeable via a USB stick and a design nod to all things 2050.

Gone are the days when we use answer machines or dial-up; do you perhaps remember the trusty SCART lead? Of all the nostalgic high notes, this Nixon release is both a blast into the past and a vision of the future as these cassette-like wrist devices pack their punch.

A certain 'retro-modern' should perhaps be used to best describe these Nixon designs - available in black, silver, rose gold and yellow gold - and this contemporary take on a timeless (Nixon) style is certainly a sight for sore eyes for some, but all the juices for others. Yes, rechargeable via USB (not lemons, as pictured), these watches actually speak the time via a pre-recorded time telling machine, as well as offer the more conventional digital variation alongside.

With real personality, other functions including date, alarm and backlight, and perhaps striving to give much more in a watch - please go away Apple iWatch - this Nixon Dork Too has all the design flair of a 1960's Braun device. Perhaps a little bulky for some people's liking, the perforated holes are of course where the voice-over announcement lady produces her magic. Available since February 5th, are you ready to engineer your inner-dork? Discover more about the watch brand online at:

Photography credit : Nixon

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