Spectacles To Create Snap Memories

When you thought the Snapchat App craze wouldn't go beyond your smartphone, you were wrong. In today's day and age many people - young and old - live their life's through their screens, such is technology. Recently announcing a host of updates to the brand, changing its name and developing their first piece of wearable technology, the social media technology giant is to now officially be known as Snap Inc.

Perhaps a small change on the face of it, the transition entirely reflects the technology giant's intensions beyond just chatting online. Spectacles is part of Snap Inc's visionary projects and the pair of connected sunglasses will allow people the world over to film their surroundings, scenario's and fun times and instantly upload the movies and photos that are produced as a result to their user Snap Inc profiles, all in the name of making it easier "...to create memories", as Snap Inc are promoting.

Looking perhaps like a pair of ordinary sunglasses, but far from, the frame features one of the world's smallest wireless video cameras. With the ability to capture a day's worth of videos or photos on a single charge making the concept convenient as well as fresh, the eyewear is available in 3 different colours, glossy black, bright blue and neon orange. Via a Bluetooth connection, upon creating your spectacle memories, you are then able to transfer your memories into the app in an all-new circular video format. Offering a human perspective of a 115 degree field of view, is there anything more realistic about this product and app update than actually being present with the original Snap user at time of memory capture?

Snap Inc made a statement of "...when we were just getting started it made sense to name our company snapchat inc., because snapchat was our only product! now that we are developing other products, like spectacles, we need a name that goes beyond just one product - but doesn't lose the familiarity and fun of our team and brand."

Tempted? Discover more about the future of Snapchat at Snap.com.

Photography credit : Snap

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