Nike+ Sprints For Apple Watch

The many months that have passed since Apple launched their range of watches have reported to be turbulent, and with mixed results in terms of sales, is the Apple Watch gadget one thing too far for the tech giant? Having changed the industry and the way in which smartphones and smart media is now commonplace in our lives, was the ambition to convert (or duplicate) the smart phone into watches simply too much?

With several spin-offs since the official launch of Apple Watch, for example their collaboration with Hermes to name but one, Apple have now decided to work with Nike, and given the circumstances, it is probably about time too. Having signed a ten year long relationship that has seen special edition iPods and running apps launched, you might be forgiven that this project is very much overdue.

With the core idea of the Apple Watch Nike+ to "...strip away anything that's a distraction to the runner and really focus on the core of a really great running experience" describes Stefan Olander, Nike Vice President of digital sport, the new sporty model seamlessly - as you might have imagined - synchronises with the Nike+ Run app. Together you can access and receive daily motivation through smart run reminders, challenges from friends and even alerts informing optimal weather conditions, the list is quite desirable.

With two new Nike-designed watch faces too that are refreshingly readable in addition to the usual roster of Apple's normal faces, Olander explains that "...Aesthetically [the watch is] something that feels really distinct of Nike and Apple. At the same time it's thinking about the performance characteristics - it breathes well when you're running." On offer is also an exclusive lightweight silicone strap that is exclusive to the Nike+ edition only, and suchlike includes perforated accents, dark strap colours and the expected signature green-yellow Nike Volt.

Have Apple now truly tapped into the world of performing athletes?

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