From Anchor Bracelets To Rope Dial Watches

Rarely does SATORI & SCOUT delve into the exhaustive world of fashion, however always being on the scout and willing to write about such genre should the products be particularly awesome, minimalist in taste or unique and able to contribute to the aspirational lifestyle, ANCHOR & CREW is certainly a brand to watch. Young and family-run (SATORI & SCOUT always loves this about some brands) that has seemingly grown ever since it's conception, it's really refreshing when growth and flair combine to bring about innovation.

Presently a jewellery brand (a pretty cool and unique jewellery brand in itself that lives the coastal lifestyle and offers on-trend anchor bracelets, rope bracelets and various nautical jewellery accessories), ANCHOR & CREW have just launched a Kickstarter campaign with the aim of funding the manufacture of wristwatches that are each hand assembled in Great Britain. Within the campaign are fourty four individual watch designs - a feat largely unrivalled for a single Kickstarter campaign - and what makes everything particularly unique is the usage of their GB Navy certified rope within the inside of the watch and the hand-assembly manufacture, let alone every of the characterful minimalist dial designs and fine detailing. A natural extension to their existing jewellery that has seen the brand win awards for three years running, who'd have thought to put 3-dimensional objects (and rope) within the dial of a watch?! Now that's a great idea.

As ANCHOR & CREW explains, "complementary in style to the existing award-winning ANCHOR & CREW jewellery and accessories ranges, the UK watch industry are highly anticipating this Kickstarter campaign...recreating innovative industrial designs of the past into modern day accessories. " In addition to the rope dial watch designs, ANCHOR & CREW are offering chronograph, date, day, multifunctional and plain dials, all with the usual minimalism and 'less is more' that the brand is known for. SATORI & SCOUT are struggling to select just one favourite product on their website.

Already offering jewellery that is designed and handmade in Great Britain, ANCHOR & CREW is a unisex brand whereby SATORI & SCOUT cannot even comprehend thinking about how to even begin manufacturing watches from essentially nothing. With the reliability and continual usage of rope universally recognised, SATORI & SCOUT reckon the new watch collection is equally as strong in character, all in all with an overall combined feel of casual luxury. Show your support and back ANCHOR & CREW's watches at

Photography credit : Anchor & Crew

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