A Stretch Of Turf Too Far For Nike?

At what point does farcical stretch beyond total futility? As much as SATORI & SCOUT admire bold design(s) that push(es) boundaries, aesthetically and functionally, surely there are maximums to suchlike? Nike are, of course - and undoubtly, without saying - one of the world's leading designers of clothing and footwear, but is this a stretch of turf too far, even for them?

Introducing the Nike Air Max 1 ' Grass Sneaker', such a design has been sneak-preview released into the public domain as the 2018-19 PGA tour begins to take place, and with all their quirkiness entirely matched by our amazement, yes, these shoes are made of turf and yes, they are (soon) real.

Designed by American sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield, these unusual looking Nike shoes have been inspired by all the golf courses of the tour, and whether you're playing or an avid spectator, we all have to admire Nike's ability to actually manufacture suchlike in such material. A healthy coloured green - as grass normally is - these Nike shoes feature all the features that you'd actually expect: a gum rubber outsole, a Nike zoom branded insole and all the complementary swooshes. Despite all the typical design aspects, you would definitely be receiving all the attention your way if you were to wear such a pair down the high street or on the playing field.

Though the actual release date is yet unconfirmed for these shoes, expect them to have a hefty price tag attached to their label. SATORI & SCOUT haven't been informed as to whether they will actually ever be released, in fact, but until such an announcement, we can certainly enjoy their aesthetics. Actually, we kind of love the design.

Discover more about the brand online at: Nike.com

Photography credit : Nike

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