Performance Wear To Outperform

Sports and injuries often come hand in hand, and clothing technology has come a long way in aiding sports playing. A new garment brand that has just seen their Kickstarter launch successful is making sportswear with panels of woven fabric that attempt - and successfully - mimic the effects of pain-relieving kinesiology 'sports' tape. Seemingly a must for all sports players.

Often worn around injury-prone or rehabilitation areas of the body, providing support, stability and pain relief, kinesiology tape is often applied retrospectively, and can sometimes be a removal issue after the sports has finished. Introducing Python Performance, their activewear integrate strips of sticky fabric to act in a highly similar way, whereby their careful placement about the body pulls the skin away from the muscle in some areas while compressing other areas, all in all improving sports performance.

Comprising of a Contour Compression collection that features tops and leggings, Oscar Ryndziewicz of the sportswear designers state that they are "the closest one can get to actual tape". As suggested with regard to sports performance enhancement, "from those who have already tried our clothing we hear that, comparative to training without our garments, they are able to warm up quicker and feel overall more supported."

Working with designers from Speedo and exercise physiologists at the University of Birmingham to develop the garments, SATORI & SCOUT reckon these Lycra-backed fabric sportswear might just be required on your Christmas list this year... Discover more and purchase online at

Photography credit : Python Perform


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