Adidas Futurecraft Biofabric Innovation

Straight off the back of the design news that Nike have collaborated with Apple for the new Apple watches Series 2 Nike editions, Adidas are keeping up with the running pace with their latest 'Futurecraft' design. With Adidas taking a more refined aspect to the future of their sports performance business, such a company has dedicated the past years to develop innovative products from an entirely sustainable point of view, one of which SATORI & SCOUT are keeping a close eye on.

As part of their current portfolio, sneakers (trainers, let's be honest) have been successfully created from up-cycled ocean plastics or feature 'tailorable-fibre' which modifies itself to the individual's custom requirements. The latest addition to what they hope is a long line of sustainable ideas and modern-day practical solutions, is the world's first performance shoe that has been made using Biosteel® fibre, which is in essence a replication of natural silk.

Developed in partnership with German biotech innovator AMSilk, this Adidas Futurecraft Biofabric prototype shoe has on offer - amongst it's stylish colourway - an upper shoe body that has been made entirely from 100% Biosteel® fibre. Such a material has claimed to be ideal for sports performance given that it is 15% lighter in weight than conventional synthetic fibres (which are in turn alot lighter these days than say 10 years ago already) as well as having the potential, though results are not yet conclusive, to be the strongest fully natural material available across the world With sustainable innovation solely on Adidas' agenda, Biosteel® fibre is also 100% biodegradable in a fully natural process. Not much wrong here, is there...?

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