80s Inspired Gnomo Lifestyle Store

The 80s, what a wonderful era of history. Designed by Masquespacio, a designers who are widely known for their brightly coloured interiors and branding, has recently designed the latest lifestyle shop of Gnomo in Valencia (Spain), and isn't it so wonderfully inviting? Certainly full marks on eccentricity, does this design not bring back memories of your former years, and perhaps inspire you to paint those home walls of yours?

Gnomo is a retailer that focuses on curated design objects with an ode to a particular lifestyle that seeks for originality and beautiful things as told by the owners. In the redesign of the Valencia store, Masquespacio decided to maintain the eighties aspect from the space and add a certain contemporary aspect to it. With flooring originally made of granite that has been overturned into matte concrete, together with white walls and bold inclusions of blue and green to create a "cheerful and amusing feeling to the lifestyle shop", as the designers explain, this new 80s inspired store is certainly a pleasant experience and high on SATORI & SCOUT's design lust list.

Ana Hernandez, creative director of Masquespacio: "Taking in count that Gnomo sells different kind of objects from a wide set of brands, it was important to create a funny and happy feeling, but without creating a visual disorder." As such, the store features various layouts with an intention to offer Gnomo's store the possibility to configure the display exhibition at any time depending on the product types on sale. Is it their colours, their lights or the contrast of both that create and maintain Gnomo's space's contemporary feel with reference to the 80's? SATORI & SCOUT can't quite pin it down. Inspired?

Discover more about the designer at: Masquespacio.com.

Photography credit : Masquespacio.com

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