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To be named a design classic, by definition, SATORI & SCOUT think that the industrially manufactured object (whatever this may be) needs to have a timeless aesthetic that remains as iconic today as it did back at the time of its conception, serving as a standard of its kind against any potential brands that makes themselves similar to, remaining contemporary regardless of the year of its design. As perhaps the world knows over, the charm 'bead on bracelet' concept has taken over women's jewellery, and whilst many different brands exist, it is Trollbeads that have the prized asset of being the original since 1976; a design classic.

As true today as it was in 1976, Trollbeads has always been a family company, and this aspect is certainly proof that it is possible to run a successful business with your family, while having fun at the same time. Based in Denmark, what the Nielsen and Aagaard family designed in 1976 was an idea of "...originality, creativity, very high quality, and a love for quirkiness," Trollbeads explain, all characteristics that ensures that the brand has stood the test of time. Now hugely collectable, Trollbeads certainly have the respect of SATORI & SCOUT.

Based on the natural human instinct to collect and store fond memories of your life, by wearing Trollbeads you have the chance to symbolically carry such memories day in and out, and whilst most definitely a feminine range of products (though they have in the past flirted with male lines), their customers are what the brand has become; the brand's customers inspire designs and aid in enthusiastic developments. The idea behind Trollbeads -the original - is that you can build your own story by adding any number of beads of any design, style or colour to bracelets, earrings and necklaces, making a truly personal piece of jewellery that is as diverse and beautiful as the clothes you wear and the personalities you have.

Each Trollbeads bead within the vast collection is designed with its own little history and mini-story, and the collection ranges from "...mythology, astrology, fairy tales, fauna, flora, cultural diversity, and last but certainly not least, in the familiar things of everyday living," Trollbeads describes. With each piece an original and made from the highest quality semi-precious, glass and other highly-select materials, the quality is consistently made to the highest possible standard, and SATORI & SCOUT really love how the company is as original as it is commercial, as design-led as it is seasonally fashionable, as individually personal as it is globally loved.

With over 90 celebrated (and sometimes emerging guest) designers having contributed to the world of Trollbeads since 1976, craftsmanship is what drives their progress, and is what sets them apart from modern-day competitors. With their patents running out a number of years ago, their monopoly has somewhat been diluted, but such an aspect far from takes away the brand's authenticity.

Prices for Trollbeads start at £16, whilst a complete piece of jewellery (with all charm beads considered) would ultimately be valued over £250 (at a guess), yet valued on a personal level at so much more. With a full set of designs that have been discontinued and fed into their bead archive museum to drive their collectability, the 650+ charms and bracelets that are available today are as awesome today as they will be in 20 years. Have fond memories of your aspirational lifestyle, and discover more at

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