TSATSAS x Dieter Rams (Handbag)

SATORI & SCOUT may not be known for our knowledge on handbags - ok, let's be honest, such knowledge is very limited - however, when we heard of Dieter Rams making a re-entry (yes, re-entry) into such a product type, our ears perked up. With Rams very much known as the leading designer at German brand Braun, or perhaps for his furniture options for designer brand Vitsa“, you might be surprised to hear that he in fact designed a handbag back in 1963. Why now raise the foghorns and advertise such a moment(?), because via a collaboration with German label TSATSAS, such a bag that has been in the archives for years has now been launched to market.

Originally designed as a special present for his wife some 50 years ago, the bag has been titled a similarly minimalist name as all his electronic Braun designs - the 931. As timeless as his other work, such a handbag personifies 'less is more'; manufactured with calfskin leather and offering a blue nappa interior, the bag is entirely functional as it is aesthetic. Would you expect anything else?

Designed behind a workbench while Rams was collaborating with leather company for another project, this bag was only ever meant to surface in the world on his wife's shoulders. Entering the equation TSATSAS with their creative minds and desires to make this bespoke design available to mass-market, everything about the bag screams Dieter Rams and German design.

Perhaps a rather obscure collaboration by every means, SATORI & SCOUT aren't particularly complaining. Inside with an internal middle compartment, nice touches include a mirror, detachable shoulder strap and magnetic closure, nothing more, nothing less. Though the price tag will put off most of the mass-market, we are sure those Ram's enthusiasts will certainly have their interests as peaked as ours. Discover more about the fashion brand online at: TSATSAS.com

Photography credit : Gerhardt Kellermann

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