Your Favourite Head Banging Pigeon

So you might have seen such a pigeon bird flying around on a social media account that you follow - or indeed, you might be part of it's popularity yourself - but if you haven't, let SATORI & SCOUT introduce you to the world's most popular head banging bird. Designed by Syd Weiler who spotted pigeons eating bread from the ground while in Minneapolis (USA), she spoke of never thinking "...about pigeons before. They're funny little birds. They have really shiny, colourful, almost rainbow-y feathers, but then they bob around and waddle and beg for food. They're like doves but they eat trash." From that day forth, Trash Dove was conceived.

Not a team to particularly participate in popularising memes, GIFs and the sort that are otherwise left to the socialites of society, but SATORI & SCOUT particularly finds this one interesting in it's charm, whereby Trash Dove became available as part of an iOS 10 update in 2016, and in January 2017, was added to Facebook's messenger system. Such a small pause of thought has really taken flight and made an impact on a global scale. Often found eating crumbs and making whitty jokes across many people's social media comments sections, the sheer popularity in the small bird lies very much in it's simplicity and whit. Quite hilarious in context and out-of-context, graphics of the bird include the eating of a French baguette, the nibbling on a discarded pizza slice, the basking in celebration of champagne, the thought of having a crumby day, or as expected, a head banging kind of scenario.

As Weiler comments, "The pigeon Trash Doves were made to make people laugh and make people happy. I'm really glad people like them. I'm really glad they make people smile and seeing the fan art and all the nice comments has been really, really nice." A creative, well designed internet sensation was made, and continues to be enjoyed today.

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Photography credit : Syd Weiler


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