Shinola Runwell Turntable Runs Well

Shinola is a brand that SATORI & SCOUT have admired for a very long time, and the detail that the Detroit (USA) based design studio / factory is known for pleases every keen eye. Admired for their American-inspied lifestyle items that comprise of bikes, watches, accessories and leather wares, Shinola has now turned their attention to the music industry. No, not yet another Spotify-copy-cat launch, but an escape back to the true roots of music, the vinyl turntable.

Part of a new division that they're calling Shinola Audio, their first Runwell - aptly named - is simply stunning and limited edition. Not a team to always be drawn toward the Limited Edition tag whereby brands seem to release more limited editions these days to effectively render the tag futile, but this American-made, solid aluminum, stainless steel and wood 2-speed belt-driven turntable that features a modular phono pre-amp represents the brand to it's fullest. With Detroit known as Motor City, Shinola is a brand that is really pioneering 'Made In America' at the moment, and SATORI & SCOUT have even seen plans of the brand wanting to launch a hotel very soon, such is their dedication to improving the city. This turntable is a no lesser dedication to the audio industry as their other lines are to their respective fields with all their quality about as good as it gets.

Spearheaded by Alex Rosson, the founder of Audeze, this Shinola turntable has been made possible with thanks to an evolving partnership with industry turntable manufacturer, VPI Industries. With materials sourced from New Jersey and South California (both USA), the $2,500 audio machine is staying true to it's brand's ethos of epitomising honest American manufacture.

With only 500 units initially launched, it is no doubt that the Runwell will be in high demand, but for those of us without a spare few thousand, we will be mere observers of such fantastic design. With an all-black version available at select stores, Shinola certainly know how to make their products admired... Discover more about the designer and purchase online at:

Photography credit : Shinola

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