Wheelhouse Bikes And Coffee

Trendy coffee houses are certainly nothing new and the SATORI & SCOUT team certainly have our local jaunts and favourites from right across the British Isles, but one such location in Lost Angeles (USA) has really caught our eye. With design at the forefront of the space, and with the aim of bringing people together, The Wheelhouse is really quite unique.

As described by co-owner Chase Spenst, "...we want to take two things that are typically very intimidating - bicycles and coffee - and make them approachable and fun", and along with his wife Tami, the couple duo are proud owners of such the successful full-service bicycle shop and barista-led coffee shop in Los Angeles' Arts district. SATORI & SCOUT really want a coffee from there, and we might just book our flight tickets now...!

With design very much echoing around the space to full effect, the coffee bar is entirely customised with beautiful finishings, facades, equipment and even a food program during weekend and evening hours. With the intention of entirely preserving the original, industrial space, the coffee-come-bike shop offers exposed beams, concrete surfaces, beautiful leathers and vintage furniture. Authentically created and adored, the space is complete with roll-up garage doors that leads the coffee shops' seating area out into the basking sunlight of the Californian location. Acting as very much a personal space for all the fellow artists of the area, The Wheelhouse hopes to become a resting haven from the bustling city life of Los Angeles. Mission achieved and complete we say.

Discover more about the coffee shop at: TheWheelhouse.bike

Photography credit : The Wheelhouse

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