Yakuza Tattoo Inks French Eatery

Whether or not you wish to decorate yourself (or already have) with Japanese inspired tattoos (or any tattoos for that matter), it can be fair to say that the inks that the Asian country is capable of producing and inspiring could definitely be classed as art. With tattoo cultures prevalent in many countries, each with their own history and tradition, the symbolism that each can portray have almost become a national identity. Japan's most famous of tattoo art depictions are perhaps of koi fish, cherry blossom flowers, dragons or tigers, whilst it is the Yakuza kind of tattoo that we're focussing on here.

A curious symbolism, The Yakuza refers to well-known organised crime syndicate that has been operating in Japan for more than hundred years. Worn by members of the gang to show their allegiances, the origins of the patterns trace back to the practice of branding the criminals with tattoo marks as punishment. As one of the more mysterious of tattoos commonly available amongst the symbols representing Japanese culture, this Koi Restaurant located in Aix-En-Provence, France, has taken everything to a new level and introduced such art to their luxurious eatery.

Interior designed by Vincent Coste Architecte, the Koi Restaurant is mass-clad in large monochromatic graphics that luxuriously complement the restaurant's furniture, atmosphere and the food that they have on offer. With particular floors, walls and ceilings of the restaurant wonderfully decorated, the graphics are a production of the widely-celebrated Claire Leina, an artist that has also previously worked for Deschamps, Kenzo, Hermes and Habitat. The coherence and continuation of the graphics between rooms and spaces is all there to be appreciated, whilst the theme has also extended to branded cockery and external areas. Also featuring bold inclusions of red via the restaurant's chairs, yellow via strategically located up-lighting and pale hues via timber flooring and concrete counters and walls, all of the the predominantly monochromatic interiors are really quite beautiful; attention to detail is stunning!

Even with motifs and patterns within the restrooms, Leina has really blown SATORI & SCOUT away with the quality and delicacy she has presented in this project, and we really cannot imagine the restaurant in any decor without such patterns - the effect would nowhere near be as impressive for Koi's patrons. With the architect designers fluent in French, English, Spanish, and Italian, it is the Japanese emblems that certainly captures our attention this time.

Certainly worth a visit for the decor alone, read more online at VincentCoste.com.

Photography credit : VincentCoste.com

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