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There can often be nothing more rewarding than a note taking session, quiet or in seminar, and when the result at some point in time is a notepad full of memories and personalised knowledge, what is there not to like? Stylish and functional notepads have become a 'thing' these last 5 - 10 years, and those by the brand Word are no different, except perhaps being the perfect pocket notebook for daily usage and reference.

With the team of Word curators realising one day that each person had their own system of note taking, and whilst bullet point aesthetics and title arrangements were perhaps different each time, an averagely similar method of systematic organisation was present. With a desire to form a standardised system for all their lists and reminders, and for a stylish pad to take the pain of note-taking away, the first page of Word was written.

Each notebook is designed and made in USA, and features Word's optimised organisation system; SATORI & SCOUT really recommends Word as your go-to pocket book. With or without any encouragement to take notes on a daily basis, you will soon feel the comfort in completing your loved notebook. We'd actively recommend that upon each completion that you also archive the log-books (for future reference and personal contentment), whereby Word recognises this stage of their product-lifespan as being as significant as the note-taking itself, wanting to repeatedly create new styles, finishes and colours so that you can build your varied collection over time, month-by-month or year-by-year.

Within their roster of notebooks, you can choose covers that vary in pattern between 'terrain' OS-contour lined, multi-dotted, polygonal, camo, monotone colour, floral and ones with well-designed typeface titles. With our personal favourite being their polygonal patterned notebooks, you can go one better than us and buy a personalised 10-pack of notebooks. Again, whats not to like and enjoy...Happy note taking we say!

By a team of publishers and graphic designers from New Jersey, US, Word is an ideal lifestyle choice for anyone wanting to perhaps make daily, weekly or monthly to-do lists, a packing list for a trip, notes about songs, cafes, groceries, or ideas, gym workout routines or even your life bucket list. Made with Hostmann-Steinberg inks and each including 48 lined pages, SATORI & SCOUT recommend Word for any of your future personal note-taking sessions. Available across the US or online at

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