The Truly Portable B&O A1

When cutting edge technology and the aspirational lifestyle merge together, B&O PLAY are a brand that would almost always be on the tips of your tongue. B&O PLAY have always been at the cutting edge of aesthetically-pleasing technology each time they've released new designs and with today's day and age all about portability, the new A1 is no different. Giving you the ability to listen to your tunes on the go, at such high sound quality and also being a highly good looking device, there must be few better than this...

As understated as any pieces of contemporary architecture that we feature within our articles, the technology that the device beholds is as comparably impressive as any B&O PLAY TV, surround sound speaker or headphones, and is more than suitable for any beach chill, kitchen dance music or daily commute. Do you have any adventures planned, because the portability of the A1 really is unrivalled? As per their design specification, life is an adventure - some epic and some everyday - and so such a device will allow you to listen to such quality of music with all the bass that the artists intended. We encourage you to upgrade yourself from your phone's mono-speakers, and discover the sounds you like in a way you've probably not heard before.

Offering 360 degrees speakers for equal sound dispersion, 2 140W speakers for very decent loudness, dimensions smaller than the palm of your hand, a shape to allow for easy transportation and a weight of only 600g (try to think how light a 1kg kettlebell is!), the A1 has achieved such feats by being made from aluminium and neatly-crafted polymer, all of which is in true B&O PLAY fashion. The aluminium grill is most certainly a thing of beauty (and strength) and the contrast of this against the fine leather handle and polymer base is all so feel-good-factor when held.

The A1 B&O PLAY device will last up to 24 hours on battery and with the materials used being highly durable, it has been designed to cater for the knocks and bruises any adventure may bring. Should you wish to keep the device at home there is also the added function of taking phone calls via its inbuilt microphone; hang the device up in any room or use at a home-party, the limit is your imagination.

SATORI & SCOUT agrees with B&O PLAY's comments of "Bring the beauty everywhere", and this wonderful design has been designed by the award winning Cecilie Manz. All very good in our eyes! Available for £199.00, discover online at

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