Alo Phone Innovates Aesthetics

Phone technology has come leaps and bounds in recent times, and today, smartphones are hugely impressive. Despite such statement, some technological players have caught the limelight for the wrong reasons in recent times, and Samsung's product recalls have been somewhat of a technological blunder for the company. If there were one area of competitive differentiation that was still untapped, it would be in terms of visuals and aesthetics - many phones simply look the same!

With such in mind, one particular award winning designer is looking to buck the common trend - though could it be argued this exists because everyone is simply copying each other, not that there is a natural design that a smartphone should embody? - and the new Alo Phone looks more like a device found commonplace in Men In Black as opposed to in stores along the high street. Far above and beyond the typical smartphone design, Jerome Olivet's new Alo Phone device is imaginative and certainly a departure from the common.

Striking in fluid design as much as scoring well on material uniqueness, the Alo Phone boasts an aluminium single body that is wrapped within natural resin to create a suitably futuristic design of both form and function. Eye catching, the Alo Phone certainly dares to be different, being similar in very few ways to traditional phones that can be commercially purchased. With a dual camera, high speed charge functionality and vocal high technology, the Alo Phone aims to become indispensable without being interfering - and with smartphones, we sure know how they can interfere and become over-commanding in our lives.

The Alo Phone continues to also include high performance speech recognition and Artificial Intelligence that is capable of self learning and becoming attuned to your voice and lifestyle. Put simply, the more you talk, the more it understands and the more indispensable it becomes.

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Photography credit : Jerome Olivet

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