Vestaboard Re-Imagines Message Organisation

When it comes to organisation, SATORI & SCOUT are pretty sure that it can often be hard to communicate any message to multiple people in a way that is always 100% heard and understood. Whether it's in a cafe, does a customer read all of the menus, in a family, do all of the children truly listen to your entire message, or in the work meeting room, is everyone paying close attention to whats on the projector slides? Whether or not any of this is true for you or not is a different story, but making this communication a whole lot cooler and easy is Vestaboard, and SATORI & SCOUT are in love with the design.

Entirely re-imagining the design of a split-flap display that you might see at a train station across Europe, using your mobile device you can send the Vestaboard messages, get updates, or show patterns and colours. Giving you the ability to perhaps display art, inspirational quotes or useful organisation in a single display frame, there are a total of 70 characters possible.

With your mobile device obviously transportable, you could, in theory, use the Vestabord mobile app (on iOS and Android) to control your display frame from absolutely anywhere, and even subscribe to popular content or pre-schedule messages. Maybe you are going to be home late from work and want to share a message to the whole family, or perhaps that speciality coffee that just arrived on the menu yesterday needs adding to the specials board? THe possibilities are endless and SATORI & SCOUT think this is a great design. Discover more and purchase online at:

Photography credit : Vestaboard
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