InstruMMents 01 To Make Measuring Measurable

Isn't measuring so hard without a ruler? How else could this be done? Admittedly we don't all need the ability to measure something so accurate that our lives depend on that extra millimetre gained or lost, but SATORI & SCOUT's latest scouting is really quite something to make the onerous task of measuring distances between points A and B as simple as counting 5mm, 6mm, 7mm.

Aptly named InstruMMents 01, the almost 'magic wand of measuring' is fitted with a red laser that does so much more than any typical laser pointers can only dream of. With a rubberised wheel to allow the rolling on any surface, the small pen device determines depth and shape concurrent to it's own rolling motion. Though the thought of understanding how such a concept even works, be sure that using the device is easier than taking a ruler, doing some maths and miscalculating the inaccurate result to become invalid.

Out of the opposite end to the pen's laser is either a pen, pencil, or stylus nub for the occasions where additional details might require the writing of suchlike onto paper. Though such an aspect is secondary to the laser pen's measuring capabilities, combined they create a fantastic tool. The InstruMMents 01 automatically logs all it's measurements wirelessly and directly to a smartphone app, and so it might even be valid to say that the pen is superfluous; but then, we all love writing the old fashioned way, don't we?! Discover more and purchase online at:

Photography credit : Instrumments

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