Tratar Bikes For The Contemporary Cyclist

When it comes to transport, there can be no argument that bikes are the most design-led and fashionable. A personal favourite for many urban dwellers and rural explorers, a bike's aesthetic awesomeness is often very high and with so many bike brands available throughout the world, it can often be difficult to decide who's you'd like to be riding on next. Offering something different and unique, Tratar bicycles are certainly a brand that matches SATORI & SCOUT's aspirational lifestyle.

A Slovenian brand that certainly offers striking bikes, their main point of difference comes in their wooden frame, a cut above many on the visual front. Though you might think that the wooden frame is more a gimmick than a serious performance factor, should you find yourself investing in one of their bikes - the Stribog or the Svarog - they also more than excel on the performance scale too. Of simple design that has been tested to be reliable and highly functional, Tratar need not a vast collection to grab the attention of its fans across Europe.

Four superior woods are used in the crafting of the exceptional Svarog frame, whereby its Oak and Walnut veneer combination creates elegantly dark luxurious lines, whilst its lighter Ash and Larch alternative offers a sportier version. Via the structure of its laminated wood, most of a bike's travelling vibrations are absorbed by the wooden frame, and via its geometry, both will allow you to cycle longer with less effort.

With it's veneer shaped into three pieces of composite that are later joined together and worked as one single element, there is certainly something unique about Tratar and it's manufacturing process. Without any visible joints, even the bike's hidden connecting parts are handcrafted, not settling to use standard components. Examples of its handcrafted nature can include the bike's bar ends, the engraved seat clamp, its leather seat or its grip tape; Tratar's expertise echo's in its almost unparalleled style.

The Stribog bike embodies the classic values of any contemporary cyclist: simplicity, functionality and reliability. Offering tubular shapes rather than the Svarog's geometric wizardry, the simple yet effective wooden tube-to-tube construction is enhanced by carbon fibre joints, for strength and aesthetic appeal. Every frame is made entirely in-house and SATORI & SCOUT reckon that maybe the coolest aspect is that every Tratar bike can be customised to your personal style, offering bespoke wood combination options, custom Tratar Bikes badges, bespoke engraving and particular quality leather details. Discover more, available for purchase online at

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