The Whimsical Miniature iPhone Lamp

We've seen some dainty things in our time, and everyone loves miniature objects, often labelling them as 'cute'. From miniature figurines to miniature food bites or miniature pets, there is always a certain adoration for when things are so small. Surely miniature abat jours - a lamp, for short - couldn't be that cute, however, as we'd probably all presume that they'd simply be poor at their core function that they're designed to do and that is emit an array of light strong enough for a user to benefit from, and thus removing them from ever being 'cute' and moved purely to the 'useless' category?

You'd be wrong to think that. We are wanting to keep this article brief as that seems like a suitable tactic given the size of this lamp - yes, it really is that small. The lamp in question works from your Apple iPhone's flashlight, and is just so unbelievably quirky.

Designed by Nazzareno Ruspolini, such lamps are 3D printed and made from white polymide, enabling the light source to emit light in a usual lampshade fashion. Whether we recommend using the light as a reading lamp is another matter, but its sole uniqueness is worth a purchase by any means. With four lampshade and lamp designs available, which whimsy design would you accessorise your phone with?

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