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Montague is an American brand and manufacturer of bikes that has been committed to producing high performance full-size bikes that can fold-up on themselves ever since 1987. Offering on-pavement, multi-use and mountain bike designs, you can ride the streets, hillsides, trails or bike paths with confidence. With the bikes ideal for commuting and touring by way of their performance and style, their foldable innovation also allows for easy-transport and storage, in seconds. "Real bikes that fold", Montague publicise.

Whilst we admit that Montague's idea is far from original - there are so many foldable bikes on the market, and usually available at budget prices - what sets the brand apart is their sheer quality style and design, essentially offering a full-size bike comparable to all the world leaders of sports bikes, yet with a folding mechanism. More functional and versatile than most bikes, foldable solutions are all too often geeky-looking, non-aesthetically pleasing and low performing; not anymore.

Drawing inspiration from all the strongest folding bikes on the market and re-designing them from the ground up to provide an even more comfortable ride, an easier folding experience, and a fantastic new look, much of Montague's innovation comes via their DirectConnect™ folding system that gives a quick-release connection from the front and rear part of the bike's frame. Likewise, Montague's RackStand™ that sits above the rear wheel is an innovative concept in the bicycle world, being six functions in one; from a conventional luggage carrier and mudguard, to becoming a kickstand, work stand, folding aid and storage solution. With its quick-release mechanism, the rear wheel's axle mount allows the luggage carrier to swing down and instantly become a bike stand to store your new prized possession.

As Montague comment, "Many people in the bike industry agree that bicycles of the future will fold, but that is where the agreement ends. We design full-size, high-performance bicycles that fold, not simply folding bikes." You can't help but think that Montague really is a manufacturer and brand to watch. To highlight their claim, other innovations Montague exhibit include their CLIX wheel release system, Octaon Adjustable Stem, Vibration Reduction Curve, FIT System and Power Angle, and without going into full detail about what each actually offer, their number of patented engineering solutions is really quite trustworthy and refreshing.

Looking into their bike designs, Montague's on-pavement bikes range from a minimalist and matt-black single-speed 'Boston' design and a very similar 7-speed 'Crosstown' counterpart, via a budget solution 21-speed 'Urban' design and a gravel-ready multi-terrain 'Navigator', to two designs that are so to provide what they believe to be the highest performance folding road bike on the market. Whatever your needs, Montague's ability of merging performance and portability is really something great.

Similarly, Montague's mountain bikes range from a lightweight trail-ride 'Paratrooper Express' and its more rugged and tougher 'Paratrooper' counterpart, via a thicker tyred and even more terrain-ready 'Highline' and 'Paratrooper Pro', to the Daddy of all Montague bikes in their 'Paratrooper Elite', boasting Shimano XT drivetrains and the ultimate in all foldable off-road bike frames. Most with tens of gears, yet all with high durability and strong load bearing capabilities, Montague bikes are ideal for everyday commuters or weekend warriors alike. Best of both world's, SATORI & SCOUT could not recommend Montague bikes any more highly!

Available for purchase in stores and online at MontagueBikes.com.

Photography credit : MontagueBikes.com

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