To Innovatively Tell The Weather

When you want to tell the temperature, there is often nothing wrong with the trusty thermometer. Even if you trust the modern smartphone app alternative, there is at least some degree of authentic accuracy that you always wish to trust, even if the temperature is electronically synchronised from a central weather-database rather than be a reading of the actual temperature of your given location. Either or, perhaps there is a new way to tell the weather?

Designed by Yu Zhuang, The Weather Cube introduces an entirely new and innovative way of reading the weather. Certainly an upgrade on the creative front from a traditional thermometer, this weather gauge is certainly the epitome of the aspirational lifestyle. Not to suggest it's design is somewhat superfluous given that if it's raining outside we can usually tell via looking out the window (remember, first hand evidence is always better than secondary), but this artistic object displays your location's current weather by manipulating water within it's cube to express the conditions, all for an awesome experience. Still water means it is sunny; dripping water shoes it is raining, a wave symbolises the blustery wind and steam stands for foggy (who'd have thought). Complete with the ability to digitally display the current time in hours and minutes, as well as the numerical temperature, not only will you be ready for your day but you can also give yourself an awesome lifestyle upgrade.

Sadly just conceptual Behance Project, discover more at

Photography credit : Yu Zhuang

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