Going The Ektra Mile. Kodak Smartphone

SATORI & SCOUT are not the techno-whizz kids of today. We do not claim to be a technology-led studio, nor people that passionately understand every ounce of new technology, however Kodak's new phone (yes, Kodak and phones) is certainly appealing for those that love photography. A collaboration between Kodak and The Bullitt group, the Ektra mobile handset will offer a fusion of the very best of Kodak's rich history in photography with the latest innovations of smartphone photography. Launching soon across Europe, Kodak is seemingly realising how to adapt beyond the era of non-digital SLRs (a time when they monopolised good photography), and the Ektra smartphone has the intention of giving keen photographers the ability to continually capture sharp images.

In line with the smartphone's photographic focus, the phone has been designed and tuned for the best in image quality and multimedia management. Offering a 21 megapixel fast focus camera sensor of f2.0 aperture and an industry leading 13-megapixel front-facing camera and auto focus, the camera is equipped with a system which allows for SLR-style scene selection and adjustments, all available in real time via a range of settings that will include HDR, landscape, portrait, macro, sport, night-time, panoramic and bokeh. With a manual mode also available beyond the defaulted smart auto mode, the camera's users may adjust any of exposure, ISO, focus, white balance and shutter speed, all with the results being visible on the screen, again, in real time. The difference in quality is incredible; Made With Kodak.

As Jeff Clarke of Kodak explains, "...Kodak has a rich history in imaging technology and the launch of the Kodak smartphone today demonstrates our ongoing commitment to bringing the latest advances in photography to consumers. The original Kodak Ektra camera was launched in 1941 and in it's latest reincarnation, opens up a world of creative opportunities to all who care about photography." SATORI & SCOUT literally want one, right now. Discover more and purchase online at Kodak.com.

Photography credit : Kodak.com

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